My summer Greek salad

Vine ripened tomatoes are the best.  I can eat them morning, noon, and night, and do when they are in season.  There are so many options – tomato sandwiches, tomato pie, baked tomatoes, tomatoes in a green salad – well you get the picture.  Unfortunately, some of my absolute favorite ways to eat tomatoes also rank rather high on the calorie count. My recipe for tomato pie includes a delicious crust in addition to a ton of cheddar cheese and mayo.  I love it but my hips say no!  So what’s a gal to do when there are all those wonderful, ripe, delicious, tomatoes just waiting to be eaten?


Last summer a good friend who’d spend a week in Santorini shared her answer to this dilemma.  She calls this a Mediterranean salad or a Greek salad.  It is so simple and yet so filling!

One medium cucumber skinned and cut into bite sized pieces

One large, lucious, vine ripened tomato cut into bite sized pieces

Fresh basil chopped and sprinkled over the top

Sprinkle with Italian seasoning – I use Penzey’s

Feta cheese crumbled over the top

Drizzle with EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) or oil and vinegar – your preference!

It is light and filling and perfect for those hot summer evenings.

P.S.  A glass of Valpolicella is a perfect companion to this meal.


Leftovers and my Black-n-Blue Salad


I love a good London broil. It is one of my favorite meals to cook because it is simple and something most of my friends and family like. For years I struggled with the question of how to use the leftovers because I always have leftovers. I’ve tried everything from cold cuts to stir fry before stumbling upon my summer favorite. Two summers ago I met a friend for lunch at a local bistro and noticed  the day’s special, a black and blue salad. The black and blue salad was essentially a steak salad with blue cheese. It was fabulous. I got home that night, opened the refrigerator and noticed the leftover London broil.  At that moment my version of the black=n=blue salad was born. This is so simple and so tasty it is perfect for a hot summer night and it solves the leftover quandary.

Black-n-Blue Salad

Leaf lettuce washed and torn into bite sized pieces
Vine ripened summer tomato cut into bite size pieces
Purple onion sliced in thin rings or fried onion from the grocery – the fried onion adds a bit of crunch
Blue cheese or Gorgonzola crumbles
London broil sliced then and then cut into bite sized pieces
Toss together in in a bowl and add garlic salt, pepper, and oregano along with fat free Italian dressing.