I’m always looking for inspiration for a flower arrangement.  I’m constantly snapping pictures of flowers and arrangements that I like with my iPhone.  My new favorite flower is the ginger blossom, the blossom on the ginger plant is so fragrant and wonderful – I can’t get enough of them. I first saw it in the […]


Hong Kong (part 1)

  I just returned from an amazing ten days in Hong Kong. I’ve wanted to go to Hong Kong for years. Hong Kong has always fascinated me. I’m not certain if it is something mysterious about a mystical place half way around the world in Asia, or that when I was young I saw the […]


Language please . . .

    Language is powerful. The right word at the right time can cheer you up, encourage you and simply make your day. The reverse is also true. Growing up my parents make it quite clear that the use of coarse language was unacceptable. Ever the Daddy’s girl I never wanted to see the disapproval […]